Video compression: the simple and powerful video encoder that preserves the environment

How to reduce the size of an mp4 video to fit into a presentation or website?

How to compress a mp4 file to publish it on social networks?

How to send large videos by email?

Resize videos

Compressing videos

Encode in mono and multi-formats

Optimise automatically

Are your videos too heavy?

The GreenEncoder is the video compression/encoding solution for reducing the weight of videos beyond standard encodings by reducing the weight of the video by a further 15-95%. 

The GreenEncoder

is a state-of-the-art video encoder from our deeptech innovation R&D programme that automatically :

Resize videos

Choose the best format for your needs

Compressing videos

Between 15 and 95% (60% on average)

Encoding videos

All files: MPA,MOV ... in mono or multi-format (1080p, 720p ...) for adaptive broadcasting

Automatic optimisations

thanks to our algorithms

Video compression: how to reduce the weight of videos?

It's easy! To resize, compress and encode a video online, all you need is a few clicks.

Import your video, the weight is automatically reduced between 15% and 95% in a few seconds.

Open an account to encode your video heritage! 

Go for Green videos: online video compression

The GreenEncoder incorporates the latest encoding standards

The GreenEncoder incorporates the latest encoding standards and is suitable for all formats. The GreenEncoder reduces the size of videos by 15-95% beyond standard encodings.

Let's reduce greenhouse gas emissions together!

Reducing the weight of videos as much as possible is an imperative for the climate. Let's not broadcast videos that are too heavy but at the right weight!

Many benefits

Better customer/user experience, video displays quickly, costs less to store and deliver while saving energy to preserve the environment.

No waiting

Videos are encoded immediately regardless of the number of videos and the servers are shut down as soon as the tasks are completed.

Our files are secure

All the files you encode are available in a secure area and are permanently deleted from our servers after 48 hours and 2 downloads. 

Available storage options

High quality

Do you need to send your video by email or embed it on your website? You'll have high quality, ultra-lightweight videos. 

Optimal image quality is maintained

Choose the pricing that suits you best

Whatever the size, duration, weight, format, codec, our algorithm manages the optimal encoding of your green video quickly and regardless of the volume.

Pack rates (mins)
Annual subscription

Free 15-day trial

Free 15-day trial

Free 15-day trial

Free 15-day trial

Free 15-day trial

Free 15-day trial

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