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Online video compression - reducing the carbon footprint

Vidmizer, an innovative start-up - Station F ecosystem

Vidmizer has developed an innovative and powerful SaaS platform designed to become a global leader in the efficient management and delivery of decarbonized videos. Two types of videos:
Useful and authentic content videos are designed to better inform, train, communicate and sell information, a service or a product.
Advertising videos.

Our mission: to reduce the carbon footprint of video broadcasting

Our solution allows savings in bandwidth, carbon emissions and budget with the objective of ecological and digital sobriety.

Our objective is to achieve a 42% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, based on the IPCC's findings and in line with the COP21 agreements.

Vidmizer's Deeptech R&D innovation program has received recognized accreditations: accredited by Systematic - European deeptech competitiveness cluster, French tech I-Lab, H2020 Seal of Excellence from the EIC Accelerator

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Our customers are concerned about preserving the environment, having a positive impact on the climate and improving their performance and competitiveness through video. Our customers have chosen an eco-responsible solution

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