Never achieved before :  the result of several years of R&D excellence


Reduce the weight of your videos by 15 to 95%* with the same quality

beyond standard encodings on the market

Reduce costs, energy consumption …

* average observed 60%

Only 3 years left to stop the current emission process according to last IPCC report

1 video of 1min30

with 200 000 views

Gain between 300 kg and 1.5 tons of CO2

= 1 year of CO2 emitted by a passenger car

performing 15,000 km/year

Decarbonize, save money and boost your performance

Commercial and operational performance

+40% Visibility increase

+50% Improved customer experience

+45% Increase in sales

Environmental performance

Energy saving

Bandwith reduction

Reduction of CO2 emissions

= from 15 to 95% gain (average 60%)

Coupled with the ultra light and fast Vidmizer Pure Player

= light and optimized videos and players (UX/SEO …)

+ 0 %
Up to 45% more conversions
+ 0 %
of conversion thanks to a speed gain +0.1 sec

Did you know ?

Reducing the carbon footprint is essential

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Reduce the weight of your videos

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